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Hello. My name is Jonathon Ende.

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and Founder of SeamlessDocs with a passion for using technology to foster and sustain government innovation.

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From CEO to mentorship, Jonathon has been a serial entrepreneur working across a diverse set of problems and solutions.

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About Jonathon Ende

Jonathon grew up in New Jersey, went to school at Emory in Atlanta and then relocated to Florida to start his entrepreneurial career. He currently resides in NYC where he lives with his adorable dog Tucker and works at SeamlessDocs.

About me

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What I do

Jonathon Ende is CEO of SeamlessDocs where he has raised over $20M to building a large company solving hard problems. SeamlessDocs is become one of the top Govtech companies helping governments create beautiful online services.


I love using and implementing scalable technology to change the world. I am passionate about building companies and thinking outside the box about different approaches to solving hard problems.


I love complex problems and how creating innovative ideas can help solve them. I have built a career with not accepting the status quo and figuring out how to apply venture backable ideas to solving them.


Work, accolades & Awards



SeamlessDocs is a form and eSignature platform specializing in working with governments to create beautiful online experiences.


Emory University

Jonathon also found himself to have a passion for philosophy and although majoring in Business he decided to double major in Philosophy.


GREAT Tech Award

Jonathon was given an award directly from Prince William and Mayor Deblasio to highlight SeamlessDocs incredible achievements.


American University of Rome

Jonathon studied Photography, Philosophy and Art History while abroad in Rome for a semester


NYC Venture Fellows

Jonathon was awarded the prestigious NYC Venture Fellowship Award granted to NYC's most promising up and coming entrepreneurs.


Goizueta Business School

Jonathon was VP of the Business School and chairman of the renowned International Undergraduate Business School Conference. He majored in Marketing and Operations.


About me

jonathon ende

I believe is Government is Beautiful. I want to apply technology resources and the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to government to create innovation and sustainable solutions.

Jonathon Ende was born in North Jersey and was a little of an over achiever growing up; participating in every club and sport he could. He ventured off to Emory University in Atlanta where he double majored in Business (at Goizueta Business School) and also Philosophy in the liberal arts school. Being overly active once again, he was VP of the Business School and President of the Undergraduate Business School Leadership Conference, which earned him the prestigious Burt and Betty Schear Book Award for person most likely to make a positive impact on his or her Universe. 

After school he followed his Entrepreneurial Spirit and started starting companies. These ranged from a pressure washing company to cosmetic teeth whitening (yep, kinda random). But he always noticed his knack for online marketing. After working in paper processing he realized how although everything else had gone to the web, paperwork still was stuck on printers and set out to change the way that people complete and collect forms and documents. 

Jonathon Ende lives and works in NYC. He loves working with his team at SeamlessDocs.com but I guess its not really work if you love what you do.

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